Our Curriculum

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Modules Overview

The “Oh Norman” Series is very successful, because your success will build on an effective sales training curriculum. This curriculum develops your company’s sales force into a long term, highly skilled and profitable one.

Available Modules:

  • Module 1: Fundamental Selling Skills
  • Module 2: Advanced Selling Skills
  • Module In-House Sales/ Service (please contact us)
  • Module 3: Selling to Different Customer Behaviors
  • Coaching “Oh Norman” 1 for Managers: Fundamental Coaching Skills
  • Coaching “Oh Norman” 1 for Sales People: Fundamental Coaching Skills
  • Module 4: Fundamental Negotiation Skills
  • Module 5: Team Selling Skills (2018)
  • Coaching “Oh Norman” Coaching Skills for Managers and Sales People
  • The “Oh Norman” Books