Advanced Team Selling Skills

team selling training

Trains participants in team selling skills

Module 1, Module 2 and Module 3, (Coaching Module and Module 4 desirable) Module 5

Target Group:
Intended for all sales staff worldwide who work in teams and have the opportunity to sell products and services and do so with the support of internal sales teams to customer teams.

Modular Design:
Consists of the following components:

  • Session 1: Introduction of Advanced Team Selling Skills
  • Session 2: Advanced Team Selling Skills in Cooperative Situations
  • Session 3: Advanced Team Selling Skills in Challenging Situations
  • Video Case / Case Study booklet

Available: 2019

Deliverables for:

  • 4 Session booklets
  • Electronic Mindjogger
  • Evaluation form


  • Trainer’s Leader Guide
  • 1 USB stick with videos
  • Leader Bag