Inhouse Sales Training

oh norman inhouse sales training

Module - In-house Sales
Trains participants in fundamental and advanced sales skills within 3 days or in 6 half day sessions

With company new or at least 3 months

Target Group:
Intended for all in-house sales/service staff worldwide that have direct customer contact where the opportunity exists to sell products and services.

Modular Design:
Consists of the following components:

  • Preview (electronic Version)
  • Session 1: Introduction
  • Session 2: Setting the stage and probing for customer’s needs
  • Session 3: Building relationships by identifying and providing solutions for customer opportunities and needs
  • Session 4: Gaining commitment from customers and identifying customer attitudes
  • Session 5: Identifying and handling the real customer attitude–Indifference, Misconception, and Objection
  • Session 6: Identifying and handling the real customer attitude–Skepticism, Complaint, and Acceptance
  • Action Session

Deliverables for:

  • 8 Session booklets
  • Electronic Mindjogger
  • Evaluation form


  • Trainer’s Leader Guide
  • 1 USB stick with videos
  • Leaders Bag

Available Languages:

  • English, German
  • Italian