Advanced Coaching Skills – for Sales People

training advanced coaching skills

Informs sales staff about fundamental advanced coaching skills within 1day

Module 1, Module 2, Module 3 and Coaching “Oh Norman” 1 for Sales People. (Modules 4 and 5 desirable)

Target Group:
Intended for all sales/service staff worldwide who receive coaching

Modular Design:
Consists of the following components:

  • Preview
  • Session 1: Follow-Up–Coaching “Oh Norman” 1 and sales skills
  • Sesison 2: The Overview–Coaching “Oh Norman” 2
  • Action Session

Available Languages:

  • English, German

Deliverables for:

  • 4 Session booklets
  • Electronic Mindjogger
  • Evaluation form


  • Trainer’s Leader Guide
  • 1 USB stick with videos

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